Let me start this review by saying: I love a good restraint item and these silicone handcuffs are no exception.

I’m a fan of rope and bondage tape, velcro cuffs and shackles, spreader bars and silk scarves. Anything that helps me restrain, slow down or incapacitate a consenting partner is a good start in my books. I’ll admit, I’m not super hardcore about it, I don’t require vice-like strength in a restraint, nor total, infallible security. In fact sometimes the sexiest restraints are simply verbal commands … but I digress. When the good folks at Butt Plug Experts connected with me about reviewing some products, I was excited to see that they had a great starter level BDSM section in addition to their extensive DD/lg inventory. I was immediately drawn to the Silicone Handcuffs and put them on my wish list. Happily, they arrived and they did not disappoint! You can learn more about Butt Plug Experts, their products and philanthropic work, here.

A woman's hand holding silicone handcuffs


Available in black, baby pink or purple, these cuffs are flexible and comfortable. One size fits most, unless you or your playmate have significantly large or small wrists, they should fit perfectly. Can you wiggle out of these stretchy cuffs? Sure. But will you want to? Not likely. They’d make a great starter set of cuffs if metal/police style seem too intense or if the higher end fur-lined leather ones are outside your budget.

Why You’ll Love This Toy

  • These silicone handcuffs are a lot of fun.
  • They aren’t intended to be impossible to get out of but they certainly provide enough resistance and stability to make their captor feel, well, captured.
  • They are well made and can endure a lot of stretching and flexing. Trust me, he tried!
  • Washable with soap and warm water
  • Slim and discreet, easy to pack
  • No keys to lose!

Bang for your buck

These silicone handcuffs are a steal at $19.99. They are a cheap and low-key way to introduce consent-based restraint and other BDSM themes into your intimate play.

Overall rating

I love these silicone handcuffs for their ease of use and simple design. I recommend them to anyone looking for a new or unique way to incorporate restraints into their play.



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