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Out of the Blue

This week’s prompt over on Food for Thought Friday is Pick Me Ups, the little things we do to get by when we’re not feeling so hot.

To tell you the truth, I’m not always good at this. I tend to “manage” or push myself to the breaking point and completely implode. It’s not a smart strategy but old patterns are hard to break.

I do feel lucky that my libido rarely suffers even in states of disarray or depression. For so many it seems that it can be the first to go during a downturn of energy or positivity. Sex is something that doesn’t make me anxious very often and I’m glad of that because from a tension and expression point of view it can be a very useful valve for, ummm, release.

I have never been much for “self service”. Perhaps because I’ve never really had a single period of my life, (not that people in relationships shouldn’t masturbate). I’ve been in a consistent relationship for nearly 20 years with other relationships layered over that. I’ve never needed to, and not really wanted to, because I’ve always enjoyed getting off more with someone else. Their breathing and touch, the communication and anticipation of their pleasure mixed with mine; it’s so exciting that masturbation always seemed like it paled in comparison.

Becoming a sex blogger and toy reviewer pushed me to try toys alone, thereby making me a late bloomer but a bloomer none the less when it comes to self pleasure. I still don’t enjoy it or savor it like so many people do but it has proved itself effective when I’m all tied up in knots or over thinking. If nothing else, toys can be a great way to get to the finish line effectively and efficiently. Im not a languid wanker, I do it more with a goal in mind, but a big orgasm can really help when your mood is dark. I was also never a porn watcher before my toy assisted self help sessions but now I have my formula in place: bed, specifically guy-on-guy video, and usually a big, rumbly wand and a my favorite fat cock, Frank. I have it down to a science, a victorious finish within 5 minutes. Maybe someday I’ll have a taste for luxuriating with myself when bad days strike but until then I remain efficient, tactical.

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  • @F4TFriday

    It’s a common theme that becoming a blogger (in any genre) seems to open people’s eyes to a whole range of new people and experiences; even when the original purpose was to showcase something you already enjoyed.

    I’m glad sex blogging has been a positive for you. It is, on the whole, a very supportive and understanding community to be a part of.

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