I read less this week than I would have liked. Honestly, that’s almost always the case but I do need to put aside more time for reading and bookmarking all the great smut that this community churns out. The talent is extraordinary and the variety and quality never ceases to impress and amaze me. This week I want to highlight three excellent posts by three excellent writers. I hope you enjoy them!

Three: Martin by KP

There are innumerable things that I love about this post, but none so much as the fact that it is the third installment of a very delicious series that masterfully weaves a tale of the anticipation of pain and pleasure by a submissive man; my favorite erotica topic ever. Beyond that, and I urge you to read the first two installments first, consider what KP is doing (or not doing) with the male gaze. He is crafting a story that avoids the biggest FemDom fiction trope of over describing, fetishizing and dehumanizing the Domme. It’s subtle but refreshing and the plot is fed to us a droplet at a time, providing very little succor as we wait for the next chapter.

When he removed his trousers, he revealed an elegant bespoke cock cage that glinted in the overhead recessed lights, sculpted to appear to be a chrome tulip closed for the evening. He was eying me intently and stepped between me and her. Barely an inch from my face, his hands worked slowly and carefully to unbutton and remove my jeans as though peeling a rare and precious fruit.


Mind the Gap by MastersEye

I was already writing this round up when Eye’s new post notification popped up. She is one of my most beloved Twitter colleagues and writers so I was easily distracted and flipped over to read this piece. I love the tiny insights we gift each other in this writing community, the little glimpses into each other’s truths. I was teary and sniffling reading her words, completely empathizing with the two steps forward three steps back feeling of long distance relationships and personal growth within them and around them.

… I have learned that when it comes to our goodbye kiss we are already closer to meeting again than we were the second before that one.  I have learned that I can create a good life for myself.  I can depend on myself to keep going through the hard times.  I have within me the capacity to be my own best friend.  I can trust myself to know love when I meet it and to love back with all my heart.


A Hop, Skip and a Jump by Hannah Lockhardt

The most deliciously tawdry smut you may read for weeks. Just read it. Honestly, go. Click the link and slurp up this wee story that has nothing it doesn’t need and everything you want it to.

But tonight we don’t luxuriate in watching the creamy liquor oozing out of my thoroughly fucked folds. Tonight I slither free of the weight of his body and the pinion of his cock, smooth down my dress and tiptoe from the room.



That’s it for this week but make sure you stop in and see what other readers and writers are recommending!

Love, Violet

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