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Fast Love

The Food For Thought Friday topic this week is Quickies. How fun! Here I answer three questions on getting down and dirty in record time.

What are your views on quickies?

I love a good quickie.

In many ways I find quick, furtive sex and sex acts more fun and more fulfilling than languid hours in bed. There’s lots to be said for lounging naked and relaxed, rolling in and out of lovemaking, the bed sheets becoming more and more entangled, the inevitable deep sighs of contentment when you finally drag yourselves to the shower. That all has a time and place. But there’s nothing like the heart pumping intensity of a quick hard fuck just because the mood strikes.

When was the last time you had one, what were the circumstances behind it?

Just the other day I was cuddling quite innocently with one of my partners as we chatted with another partner. When the non cuddling partner left us to go make dinner, the snuggles turned sexy and he speedily pet me until I came (not hard to do) and then we fucked fast and silently, spooned together, his muffled moans pressing into my shoulder. It wasn’t rough or particularly intense other than the fact that there was little to no lead up and limited time to get it done. It didn’t feel dirty or bad, we don’t have to hide our intimacy with the other partner who was so lovingly making us dinner, but there was a delicious frenzy to a few quiet moments of intense pleasure .

Have you got any particular favourite positions/activities that you employ when the need is great but time is not on your side?

Absolutely always from behind! Whether it’s standing or laying down, sex from behind (almost any variation) is the fastest, easiest, and most gratifying position for a quickie.

  • It’s deep and intense by nature and that compounds with urgency
  • It feels more primitive, which also suggests urgency and efficiency
  • It’s a surefire way (for me) to orgasm
  • It implies (if you want it to) a power imbalance that can be very exciting
  • The best hair pulling happens from behind
  • You don’t have to get even near to naked, just flip up that skirt or yank down/aside those knickers, open your fly, it’s perfect for a quick in-n-out

I’ll keep this brief (seems appropriate) but before I go, let me leave you with the ultimate anthem for quickies, by the fallen angel of (sometimes quite public) quickies, the eternally sexy, George Michael and his deliciously 90s hit Fast Love.

Happy weekend, you kinky fuckers.

Love, Violet

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