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Toy Review: Arctic Wave 9X Silicone GSpot Vibe

I notoriously don’t read the specs on toys before I receive them. Silly, right? In part, I like the surprise, being a sextoy reviewer makes it feel like kinky Christmas all the time; it’s always delightful to receive new toys. So when the team at Pink Cherry sent me the Arctic Wave 9X Silicone GSpot Vibe I was shocked when it rocked my world because it is just so wee.

I’m not a true size queen but I definitely prefer larger toys with more surface area and if they vibrate, I want more than a high frequency mechanical buzz, I want deep, rumbly, spine shaking vibrations. This toy is on the smaller side and still met all my expectations and exceeded some. When I’m seeking gspot stimulation, I don’t mind telling you that I like it to be dull and pounding, a true bludgeoning. The typical hooked finger, “come hither” tickling motion isn’t enough and ends up feeling more annoying than pleasurable. When using toys for g-pleasure, I usually opt for something less designed for specific gspot stimulation and instead turn to something broad and dull. The sharply curved, narrow, precise shape of the Arctic Wave 9X Silicone GSpot Vibe is the antithesis of my usual go-to but I was very, very happy with what a multi-tasker it is. Toys are so awesome when they help you learn things about your body that you didn’t necessarily know. Who knew I could squirt from localized vibration? Not me, but I’m happy I found out!


Overall Length: 5.5″

Insertable Length: 5.5″

Girth: 3.4″ at largest point

Width: 1.1″ at largest point

Made from ABS Plastic and Silicone

USB Rechargeable

Bang for your buck

This is a very inexpensive toy at $22.00. It does what it says it will and makes a very good take-along discreet vibe. Perfect for a weekend away or a quick pick me up.

Why you’ll love the Arctic Wave 9X Silicone GSpot Vibe

  • nine vibration modes to cycle through – something for everyone!
  • small and discreet
  • relatively quiet
  • the finger loop makes deep gspot seeking easy to maneuver
  • ergonomically considerate, the angle is very good for finding and stimulating your gspot
  • generous amount of buzz regardless of penetration, gspot concentration or clit stim

Overall rating


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