Some people just bring out the softness in me. He’s one of them. He makes it not as hard to be human. His logic is sound: “How could I trust you if you weren’t fallible?” There’s a tenderness he evokes, a softness that not everyone sees. I am fallible, imperfect, flawed.


I will try to be brave.

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19 thoughts on “The Soft Underbelly”

  1. For some reason I can not see your image – I think its my end not your – thou i could see it on twitter and wanted to say it’s lushly sensual 😉 x

  2. O Violet, I love this image, I think we all have parts of us which make us feel vulnerable but this image is gorgeous, lush and full of tenderness, your skin glows and your curves make me yearn to draw near and nestle in close. Gorgeous, thank you for sharing your thoughts and your picture.

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