“I do know the difference between right and wrong, but I just like the way wrong feels. It’s an impulse, an urge more intense than anything else.”

– K. Webster


19 thoughts on “Broken Doll”

  1. It is quite an amazing image – I am not sure how you have got the focus just like that, and the eyes – wow – and it is a little scary but that is not a bad thing,. It is also very original x

  2. This is a striking image, Violet.

    A psychologist would have a field day analyzing the detailed intricacies of my response(s) to this particular stimulus; for the purpose of brevity, I’ll just say it ticks my ‘sadist’ box(es). With a big ol’ red X.

  3. The title captures the image perfectly! Your picture is kind of eerie and seductive at the same time and I really dig that. Great image x

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