Toy Review: Unicorn Horn Dildo

This is the second toy I’m reviewing from Lust Arts. I exalted the many virtues of the big, beefy, Frank’s Monster dildo, but this new dildo is the beauty to Frank’s beast. It is none other than the loveliest of them all: a Unicorn Horn Dildo.

The team at Lust Arts has to be the most friendly and accomodating of any sex toy company I have communicated with. They generously supplied 2 custom toys, and believe me, choosing the colours and specs of a toy and customizing it to your liking is a really fun experience and makes the toy that much more enjoyable because you had a hand in making it what it is. Lust Arts has so many options and combinations in terms of size, density, suction or flat bases and so many colours to combine. You can literally make your fantasy object a reality. Very, very cool.

I opted for a swirl of purple, gold and shimmering white for the horn and a plain, non suction cup base in antique bronze. In hindsight I wish I’d gotten the suction cup base because it ads versatility but I’m still very happy with the flat base. As an object it’s too pretty to hide in a drawer, instead it happily stands at attention on my nightstand, within easy reach, looking gorgeous and waiting to be used.


These magnificent body-safe silicone horns come in 5 sizes: Teaser, Pleaser, Moaner, Pounder, and Screamer. I went for the Pounder size (go big or go home, right?) so it’s dimensions are:

Insertable Length:                       7 in (17.78 cm)
Tip Circumference:                  2.5 in (‪6.35 cm)
Shaft Base Circumference:      6.5 in (‪16.5 cm)
Base Circumference:              11.5 in (29.2 cm)
Tip Diameter:                            .75 in (1.9 cm)
Shaft Base Diameter:                  2 in (‪5 cm)
Base Diameter:                         3.6 in (9.1 cm)
Total Length:                              8.1 in (‪20.6 cm)

Just in case size and colour aren’t enough to scratch your customizing itch, you can choose the density of your Unicorn horn. Choose from Extra Soft, Soft, Medium and Firm for both the horn and the base for a completely bespoke texture and sensation. Your horn, your way.

My Experience

Clearly, I love this toy in terms of theme and aesthetics. It’s so fun and pretty and I enjoy adding non-phallus dildos to my ever-growing collection. The concepts at Lust Arts are awesome, blending fantasy and literature, pop culture and myth in their hand crafted designs. But good looks and cool ideas only take a toy so far. I’m very happy to report that this is a fantastic toy in terms of utility and sensation. The ribbing caused by the swirl in the horn is delightful and makes for a very enjoyable insertion/pull out, especially if you like texture and that ripply feeling. Because it tapers at the point, the length doesn’t feel too intrusive and you get the fullness that is so desirable within the first few inches of the vagina compliments of the base end of the horn. The diameter of the base makes it an anal friendly toy as well, a prime consideration when you’re choosing size and density.

Why you’ll love this toy

Lust Arts‘ toys are awesome. Full stop. They are fun, easy to clean, fully customizable and unique. It’s like buying a piece of art! I can’t wait for them to come out with more designs so I can collect them all. I’m really happy to have come across them and I’m ecstatic to have them as an affiliate and  featured partnership.

Bang for Your Buck

These Unicorn Horns are very affordable and incredible value at $35 each, for both pre-made colours ready for shipment or for custom jobs. My toys came with branded stickers, a tiny, mini version of each dildo (so cute!) and a dark chocolate bar – so thoughtful and so different. The packaging was simple, elegant and discreet.

Overall Rating






Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.

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