Princess Pro Power Wand

Princess Pro Power Wand

Pink Cherry was the first online company I ever bought a sex toy from! It’s fun and kind of cool to now, years later, have them as an affiliate and get to share my love of their wide range of products. Before Pink Cherry I had made local brick and mortar shopping trips but I had never received that anonymous looking package of goodies. I currently have 3 toys on deck for review, generously furnished by Pink Cherry, the first of which is the Princess Pro Power Wand and let’s just say, I did not save the best for last. Nope, I liked this wand too much not to share it first!


  • 13″ long
  • 7.75″ circumference/girth at largest point
  • 2.25″ wide at largest point
  • Silicone, ABS Plastic, Phthalate Free, Hypoallergenic, Temperature Sensitive
  • Flexible
  • Multi-Speed, Multi-Function
  • NOT water proof or shower, tub, pool, etc. compatible. Do not ever use toys in water that are not recommended to do so.

My Experience

I have been a devoted fan of the Hitachi Magic Wand for years now so I was very excited and a bit dubious to plug in another wand and try not to make too much of a comparison. Luckily, beyond being a wand style vibe, there wasn’t much to compare! The Princess Pro has numerous speeds and settings and it’s longer and more comfortable to use. It’s a very powerful toy, so much so that I’m almost inclined to call it a tool. I loved how big and smooth the head was. I didn’t find it overly flexible but there’s definitely some give in the “neck” that connects the head to the body of the wand.

You may know if you’ve read my other reviews that I’m not really that fussed by lots of vibrational patterns and I tend to stick with a solid tone vs the heart beat or escalating or pulsing settings. The order in which the pulse settings are programmed seemed fairly intuitive and it wasn’t too jarring to cycle through them. I also really appreciated how incrementally you can turn up the speed.

The million dollar question, of course, is did it work? It certainly did. And fast. I went from turning it on to completed orgasm in under three minutes the first time I used it. If you are well versed with the power and intensity of wands and you like a solid, rumbling vibration, this is a wonderful toy. Not for the faint of heart, maybe not a starter wand, but definitely worth adding to your collection.

Powerful, efficient, easy to use. This wand is a winner!

Princess Pro Power Wand   Princess Pro Power Wand

This wand was so good that I came before my 4 minute long dude on dude porno was over. I didn’t even get to see them finish!

Why you’ll love this toy

  • eight functions
  • ten levels of intensity – steady, pulsating and escalating vibration
  • rounded head silicone head
  • sleek and easy to hold – the length makes it easy to maneuver
  • a long wall plug cord gives you lots of length to move around, share the toy, etc.
  • premium silicone and ABS plastic – body safe and water based lube safe
  • non-phallic

The Pink Cherry Princess Pro Power Wand sells for $79.99 and is worth every single penny. This is a toy that will power many a fantasy and keep you arching and moaning for a long time. I recommend you get one.



Violet Fawkes

Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.