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Toy Review: The Charm Silicone Wand

I’m a fan of wands. I like the simplicity of them, I like the power that is associated with them, and I am a faithful disciple of the classic Magic Wand (the old school plug in style that sounds like a small aircraft warming up and makes your teeth rattle while you cum). So when the Charm Silicone Wand showed up, compliments of Pink B.O.B, my first reaction when I slipped it out of the box was “Awwww, it’s so little and cute!”


The Charm Silicone Wand comes in at under 8″ long and the head is 1.6″ across (which makes it ideal for shallow penetration as well as external clitoral stimulation). It’s a compact vibe but it is feisty! With a toy this size you might expect high frequency “buzzing” vibrations but you’d be wrong! Despite it’s small stature, Charm comes through with rich, deep, rumbly vibes, just like you want a wand to do! The velvety silicone all over makes it easy to manage and hold.  The charge is quite quick (about an our) and lasts nearly 2 hours when in use, like a little superhero!


My Experience

Some toys take pride of place within easy reach of my bedside because they are exotic and exciting, or because they are such specialists that nothing else will scratch the same itch. Others, like Charm, stay in high rotation because they do exactly what you need and they do it well. As much as I adore my Hitachi and other wand style vibes, this little charmer is so convenient and effective that it’s become a favorite.

Granted, Charm doesn’t have the power to blast out an orgasm in under a minute like the bigger wands I have, it is really efficient and the power it does have ensures a lot of stimulation, which is great if strong direct vibration is what you want and need. This would be a great first wand for someone who is wanting to take more pressure and vibration and work their way up to a bigger model.

Why you’ll love this toy

  • Firm but flexible head to pinpoint pressure and pleasure
  • Soft touch silicone all over
  • Very easy to clean with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner
  • Water based lube compatible
  • USB rechargeable
  • Small in size, big in power!
  • Average to quiet when in use – I find the sound quite discreet
  • 7 vibe modes to suit your every need and mood

bang for your buck

At $69.95 this is a mid range price for a high quality toy. It’s well made and powerful, comfortable to use and it performs like a bigger toy all while being conveniently small and discreet.

overall rating

I love this wand. It’s a simple, dependable toy that is well made and delivers on deep, “roll your eyes back in your head” vibrations. You won’t regret, go and get it!  CLICK HERE TO BUY THE CHARM WAND NOW!






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