Warm Rabbit Vibe

Warm Rabbit Vibe

Warm Rabbit Vibe

When the people at LurePink reached out and offered me the Warm Rabbit Vibe in exchange for a review, I was excited by what I saw on their site. Believe it or not, this was my first ever rabbit style vibrator! I had always thought that the rabbits were a bit of a gimmick, especially for someone like me who prefers to focus on either internal or external stimulation, one at a time, vs both at once, which can be a bit overwhelming. This was also my first time with a warming toy and I now wish that all sex toys warmed up! What a gift! What a new sensation!


The Warm Rabbit is a beautifully crafted vibrator. End to end it is 9″ but not at all formidable because of how smooth and gentle its bulbous curves are.

Designed for both gspot and clit stimulation, it boasts dual motors so no part of you gets neglected and it heats up to a dreamy 107° which is warmer than body temperature.

The build is firm at the core but flexible and it moves with you as you use it.

My Experience

I don’t know why it took me so long to get onto the rabbit style vibe train. Honestly, I think I was put off by how pointy and sharp looking so many of the rabbit parts are. They often look like pokey fins that either won’t carry enough vibration to do what they are supposed to do or that they will be so flimsy, yet aggressive, that my clit will be thrashed while not being properly stimulated. In short they always seemed like they would be much more frustrating than fun.

The Warm Rabbit Changed My Mind

I was taken aback by how well thought out the design is. The blunt bulb at the end quickly narrows for a very satisfying sensation upon insertion and the flexible rigidity makes up for its general slimness. This is not a girthy toy but it doesn’t matter, and as a bit of a Size Queen, that’s saying a lot. Of course every body is different, that goes without saying, but the angles of the Warm Rabbit are basically perfect. It’s rounded head nestles into your gspot and the fat, asymmetrical “rabbit” pushes right up where it should.  The asymmetrical design of the little clit bunny is an interesting choice, but it made me realize: we are not necessarily perfectly symmetrical ourselves. I definitely like more pressure and contact on one side or the other of my clit and the dual mismatched nodes were perfect.

Luxuriously Warm

If the design, texture, shape and materials weren’t enough: it warms up. And not just to body temperature, because then you’d not feel any difference at all. No it warms to a very sensual and cozy 107° which is sexy and lovely, but also very comforting. I found that the heat made me slow down and pay more attention to all the sensations which ultimately rendered a more thorough, richer, longer orgasm than usual. I’ve also found that the heat is very soothing in combination with orgasm for abdominal/menstrual cramps. The heat and release together very much improved a crampy afternoon and gave me some pain relief that I was not expecting but very happy to get.

Why You’ll Love This Toy

  • It’s lovely to look at and to hold; sophisticated with its rose gold charging end and sleek design, its a pretty and powerful addition to your collection.
  • The 60 minute (full) charge means you don’t have to rush and you’ll have all the oomf you need to get your “unnf”
  • It’s waterproof so it can be a shower or tub toy
  • The warming function adds new dimension and sensation
  • Effective ergonomics and design. LurePink really thinks about usability and comfort – no one needs a wrist cramp while they try to get off!
  • Multiple vibe speeds and settings for a totally bespoke experience
  • Clit and gspot friendly
  • Premium silicone and BPA free means a safe and long lasting toy

Bang For Your Buck

The Warm Rabbit sells for $79.99 and based on my experience, it is worth every penny. High quality, good looks and incredible functionality make this a rock star in my toy drawer, and one I will be reaching for time and again.

Overall Rating

I can’t say enough good things about the Warm Rabbit Vibe. It’s absolutely a Fawkes’ Fave and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality, sensual, beautiful toy. A big thank you, again, to LurePink for sending me the Warm Rabbit, we are going to be the best of friends.

LurePink sent me the Warm Rabbit Vibrator, free of charge, in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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