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Toy Review: Love Balls

Ask most women and they will tell you that they do Kegel exercises sometimes. Certainly, some are more diligent with their pelvic exercises but most women are familiar with the benefits and simple actions of the Kegel. Simply put, you just squeeze your pelvic/vaginal muscles, as if you were trying to stop yourself from peeing, hold, and release. Spend just a few minutes a day doing Kegels and in fairly short time you may see improvements with incontinence, stronger orgasms and more control and reliability with orgasming and female ejaculation (squirting). The thing with Kegels is you have to do them, you have to mindfully squeeze and release. With a small apparatus like the Love Balls that Pink B.O.B. was kind enough to send to me for review, you just insert them and go about your business! You need to squeeze them a bit to keep them in place but you can easily get your vacuuming done or go grocery shopping or just lay down with a book. They create just the right resistance internally to help you tone and condition your pelvic floor with very little hassle or thought.


  • 1.5″ silicone balls with an easy to clean plastic retrieval string; 4″ total length
  • each ball has a small moving weight inside of it that rolls as you move providing stimulation and awareness
  • firm, smooth design is comfortable to insert, remove and wear
  • silicone is body safe and can be fully sterilized and plays well with your favorite water-based lube
  • no batteries means no sound making this a very discreet accessory

My Experience

As someone who is well versed with Kegels and does them regularly, I wasn’t expecting the 1.5″ diameter of these Love Balls to be much of a challenge to hold inside, and I was correct in that assumption. This is in part because while the surface is smooth, it’s not slick and naturally slippery like say, a stone ball or egg might be. The size, light weight and surface of these Love Balls would make them totally ideal for beginners who are getting into using Kegel supports and want to have a low maintenance, high success experience.

They are very easy to put in and get out, the loop is sturdy and unobtrusive so there’s no moment of panic fishing around for them inside, nor do you constantly feel aware of the string. The moving centers were interesting to get used to but they helped me keep focus on the exercise and stay mindful of it.

I’m a fan of using the Love Balls not just for routine exercise but also as an accessory to pleasure. Inserting them before clitoral masturbation or cunnilingus is a revelation and takes things to a whole new level. An interesting and unexpected perk was that after having used them for strictly pleasure, the next time I used them more functionally for Kegel exercise I felt a bit …. naughty, like I was using a sexy toy while I finished up the laundry.

Why you’ll love these love balls

  • small and discreet – toss them in your gym bag or take them when you travel
  • very affordable
  • well made and built to last
  • easy to use
  • feel real results after consistent use

bang for your buck

As toys and accessories go, these are some of the most valuable and versatile items out there. Priced at under $16, and made of premium materials, these Love Balls will not only become a go-to toy but they will stand the test of time and provide you with hours and hours of pleasure and pelvic fitness. This is a very small investment for a great product that you’ll be able to rely on for a long, long time.

overall rating

I don’t have any criticism for the Pink B.O.B. Love Balls. They work as advertised and were easy to use. If I were to be REALLY picky, I’d say that the dark burgundy color is not as current or as sexy as it could be. I’d have loved them more if they’d come in a soft rose pink or a lavender shade. Beyond the aesthetics, they’re awesome and well worth the purchase.





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