“I’m tired,” she said softly, standing five foot and a bit in the door way, naked save for a loose college t-shirt, her lip pensively caught between her teeth.
“Come fuck me to sleep.”
He closed his laptop and smiled, wordlessly standing and going to her, taking her outstretched hand and allowing himself to be led up the stairs, his eyes never leaving her bottom as it peaked out from below her shirt. She crawled up onto the bed, pausing to arch and pull off the shirt before settling, face down into the bed, her shoulders low and her hips up. He stood at the foot of the bed and took her in, his cock straining as he undressed and crawled in after her. He knelt behind her and rubbed her thighs and hips, his palms sliding over the curve of her cheeks and into the dip of her lower back. She pushed back into his hands and he reached forward to flatten her body beneath his as he mounted her, not yet entering her, but laying his whole frame over her, his face tight in against her neck. She lay still and he could feel her pulse in the side of her throat as he kissed it.
“You need me to fuck you to sleep? Wear you out?”
“Yes …”
“You want it rough and hard? Or deep and slow?”
“I just want you in me.”
“Spread your legs.”
She spread her legs beneath him and his hand found its way deep between them. She was lushly wet already and she whimpered as he pressed and kneaded her swollen lips. He tapped crisply at her clit and felt her whole body stiffen beneath him.
“You like that?”
“Uh huh …”
“Say yes.”
“You want my cock?”
“You want to be fucked like a dog? Be my little bitch in heat?”
He pulled her head back, winding his fist into her long, dark hair and she winced and sucked air through her teeth. He pulled steadily until she was up on her hands and knees, still spread, dribbling on the sheets. His cock jutted against her and he stopped.
“Fuck yourself. Push back onto my cock and fuck yourself.”
Immediately her hips moved back, the short leash of hair in his hand reduced her mobility but she quickly found a rhythm as she slid back onto his cock, so thick and hard inside her. She moaned as she slid up and down his cock, taking it deeper, pushing further and feeling him bottom-out against her cervix. The warm pain washed through her. She kept at it, riding harder, crashing into him. He remained still, sturdy, making her take what she needed, the hand in her hair a constant reminder of her request and his willingness to exhaust her. He felt her cunt squelch and clench, heard the wobbly sighs she tried to muffle in the pillows.
“You’re close to cumming on my cock, aren’t you? Do you need to cum like a little slut? Cum all over my cock?” His tone was stern and patronizing, just like she needed.
“Yes! Oh god it’s so good. I’m so close!”
“Cum then. Hard and fast, let me hear you. Make my cock cum.”
Slamming back onto him, she impaled herself fully, yelping as her orgasm slid through her, hot and silky through every cell, her fluttering eyelids obscuring the stars in her vision. She writhed and ground her slick cunt into his pelvis, baiting him, pulling her head forward so he’d yank her back. She came with abandon and collapsed only after he near silently filled her aching snatch to overflowing with his cum. His weight on her back was instant comfort and she lay still as he softened and slid out of her. They both breathed heavily, in synch, chests thumping, as he curled tightly around her and pulled her in along side him, spooning her tightly. In moments she was asleep, moments later so was he.



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