“Fucking hell …”


“The bloody thing says it’s not paired to my phone.”

“Maybe put your phone closer to your butt?”

This is a screen capture from a Skype call, the bright blob at the top RH corner is me, doubled over laughing, as the man in the foreground (you all know KP!) contorts himself, trying desperately to pair the We Vibe that’s up his ass, with the app on his phone in his hand.

Sometimes sexy stuff is just funny. But if you can’t laugh with them, why bother?

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21 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties”

  1. That’s fantastic stuff. “Move you phone closer to your butt” is the kinky equivalent of “have you tried turning it off and back on again?”

  2. Bloody sex tech never works how you expect. I remember an egg inserted in me that wouldn’t turn off when we were out for dinner…that was a long night!

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