My top three favourite reads this week: One that plucked my heart strings raw, one that made me think and self analyze and one that took me away with its sheer smutty goodness.

Bright English Mornings – Hy Jones

Holy Hell. This post had me doubled over in tears. Beyond moved, beyond sympathetic, beyond heart-stirred. This is beautiful writing of the highest sort; emotional, yet controlled, lavish, yet refined. Honestly, have the tissues near.

Hairy Truth – Cara Thereon

Cara has a way of making her autobiographical posts so accessible. I share a lot of these same body misgivings related to hair and the inner controversy of going bare or letting it go natural, and when and why and for whom.

Pool – Hannah Lockhardt

This little fantasy is all the unnnff for me. A pool, strangers, passive, wanton sex acts? This is literally the best kind of poolside reading and I will absolutely revisit this when the temperature rises.


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