For our first #wbsw post I thought I’d ease us in with some adjectives that are synonyms for, or related to, colour. When setting a scene or describing a character, colour is a very useful and relateable way to help your reader understand what you’re showing to them through words. In erotica, colour is used frequently in physical descriptions such as reddened cheeks, gleaming black leather, crisp white sheets, etc. Colours have many names, so why say blue if you can say cobalt? Using varied synonyms for colours is a great way to add interest to a scene and describe something in a more nuanced way.

Sanguine (adj.) blood red

(adj.)optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation. In medieval science and medicine: having the constitution associated with the predominance of blood among the bodily humors, supposedly marked by a ruddy complexion and an optimistic disposition.

“…  the perfect red: dark and deep but pure and sanguine, not too purple or too orange, a rich, erotic colour that stirred him as he imagined it on her finger tips.”

Umber (adj.) dark brown resembling earth

(noun) a natural pigment resembling but darker than ocher, normally dark yellowish-brown in color ( raw umber ) or dark brown when roasted ( burnt umber ).

(noun) a brownish-gray moth with coloring that resembles tree bark.

“The heavy, leather belt cracked as it struck the edge of the desk, the deep umber sheen of it glinted malevolently in the low light of the room.” 

Fulvous (adj.) reddish yellow, see also tawny

“She had always had a thing for redheads. There was something so delicious about their pale, freckled skin and she loved how her own darker complexion contrasted when she held a fistful of their fulvous hair.”

Amaranthine (adj.) deep reddish purple

(adj.) something of eternal or undying beauty. Rooted in the Greek words amarantos, meaning “immortal” or “unfading,” and anthos, meaning “flower.” The word amaranthine emerged as an adjective of an imaginary flower and subsequently of anything possessing its undying quality.

“Amelia fretted at her reflection in the mirror. The lingerie, as requested, was lacy and black, her lips drawn on heavily, lusciously amaranthine, as if she’d been feasting on ripe summer berries.”

Verdant (adj.) the bright green colour of lush grass

“He began to slowly unbutton the back of her dress, the verdant silk pooling in his hands as he revealed the perfect curve of her shoulder, the dimples of her lower back just waiting for his thumbs to sink into them.” 

Tawny (adj.) an orange-brown or golden brown

“Jason cast aside the tawny fur of Daniel’s coat and pulled his bare chest against his own. He had been waiting all night to feast on this beautiful man and no amount of clothing would interfere.”

Glacial (adj.) icy, or appearing to be made of ice like a glacier

“Tom looked down into his lap at the two heads bobbing and giggling there. As if on cue, Jessica and Joy both looked up, their matching glacial blue eyes locked on his as they cooed and licked at his raging erection.” 

Alabaster (adj.) having the qualities of alabaster, a fine-grained, translucent form of gypsum, typically white, often carved into ornaments.

“Her hand came down on his taut bottom over and over, his alabaster skin flushing pink and warming under her punishing strikes.”

Flaxen (adj) a pale yellow resembling the flax grain

“Raven buried her face in Layla’s flaxen bush; she was soft and lush and smelled sweetly of the sea water they had been swimming in.” 


There you have it, nine big sexy words for colours. I hope you enjoy them and find delicious ways to work them in as you #writebigsexywords.


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