I can’t deny the surge of power that affixing a phallus to my body gives me but the feminist in me rages. Why should the appropriation of a male cock boost me so? Simple: we’re conditioned to associate power and strength with cocks. I accept that to be true, to be fact, but when I tighten these straps, it’s about me, my power. So fuck the patriarchy. Literally.

Any takers?

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23 thoughts on “Conflicted”

  1. Very lovely 🙂

    I always get very intrigued at the power rush that women get from this. Rationally speaking I find it a lot easier to understand things like a Feeldoe, where it provides physical pleasure as well. I have stopped trying to understand it and learned to just appreciate it… because when it draws a woman in like that… she is magnificently beautiful and it leaves me in awe.

    Thank you for sharing. Take care.

    1. Yes, let’s not over think but learn to enjoy. I use loads more to say re: sex, gender, identity, etc. and this post is admittedly reductive, but that rush of authority and sexual invincibility is very real, for me at least. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

  2. This is not my kink and yet your writing makes me slightly curious about it. I wonder if I would feel the same wearing one…. as for the image, it is strong and powerful and that is very sexy


    1. To be honest, for all my switchy and now Domme-ness, I didn’t think that strapping one on was going to be much of a thing for me because penetration is not a top priority to me regardless of roles. I like it just fine as a receiver but there’s so much more than PinV or PinA. But something about having a cock instantly inflates my confidence.

  3. Interesting topic to ponder. Having a cock does, in a certain state, make me feel powerful, but that power only comes with confidence about my body – something not associated with any one gender. Your wonderful picture not only screams ‘power’, but ‘pleasure’ too.

    In answer to your question; yes, fuck the patriarchy. Please.


  4. Great thought provoking pose and some very interesting conversations generated with it. I too get a rush with a strap on – er strapped on. I do like to peg though I haven’t had the chance for a long long time. That’s quite a powerful looking piece of equipment btw!

  5. Funny thing about cocks is, strong an image as they portray, they are a male’s most vulnerable spot. Beautiful image.

  6. An interesting thought, and yes perhaps you are right there is truth that a cock and power go hand in hand (please excuse the pun). Never tried a strap on (either to give or receive), but this is a very powerful image.

  7. “So fuck the patriarchy. Literally.” As I said yesterday, this photo and your words give me lots of feelings. Topping with a strap-on is definitely something that, like you, I’m still working out how I feel about in terms of gender and power and feminism… but all that aside, this photo is so utterly sexy. x

  8. I *love* wearing / fucking with a strap-on. It’s just awesome to be able to experience a different means of giving pleasure. Even though I can’t feel the sensations myself, it makes me appreciate sex from a different POV.

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