This week’s roundup has a loose theme of Strength & Beauty It’s a tough world out there and these few highlights of the almost endless supply of great smut/erotic/body-sex-kink positive writing available to us, are all beacons of strength and beauty. I won’t speak for you but I know I could certainly do with more of both in my life. Thank you to everyone out there fighting the good fight with words and pictures for a stronger, more beautiful community of sexual revolution, feminism, and all around inclusivity. Thank you for reading, and sharing! 

I Made Myself Cry – A Dissolute Life Means

Hy’s blog was one of the first sex(y) blogs I ever read and her voice has helped me find my own. We have never met (maybe at Eroticon next year?) but if we do, I hope she’s up for a big hug because I feel a debt of gratitude to her for her honesty and vulnerability. It is so easy to feel alone and isolated, unworthy and unloved in the world today. There is so little of our culture that is designed to empower and uplift and so much that subscribes to tearing us down. It’s posts like this, and bloggers like Hy, who make it possible to step out of ourselves, and see the beauty in someone that they may not be seeing in that moment. This also makes it possible to believe that someone is doing that for me when I need it most.

Homage – Exposing 40

This isn’t a brand new post for this week, but it’s one that I have gone back to multiple times because it just … speaks to me. It’s one of many, many, many great images on Exposing40’s site but this one is so iconic and lovely. I want it in print, 16×24 at least, hanging in my home. Maybe I’ll make a self portrait homage to this Homage. This is what I love about being in a community with artists, they get your juices flowing, creative, kinky or otherwise!

A Wank and a Spank – Kayla Lords

Self care is a real need, for everyone not just the those who are struggling, but when that struggle hits, you need a game plan. When Plan A doesn’t suffice, go to Plan B, because as Kayla says here (and this is such a critical concept, people) An anxious brain is a lying brain. This post is full of strength and resilience, because as hard as it is sometimes, giving yourself what you need and asking someone for what you need are never signs of weakness. In addition to these affirming themes and lovely autobiographical writing, this post is hot as hell. Unf.

I’ll be in my bunk …

The Other “K” Word – Kinky and Perky

One more time for the folks in the back: submissives, including male submissives,  are not weak by nature. This post walks us through a self aware monologue in which KP shows us how he has conflated D/s kink and karate. Structure, leadership, respect, diligence, harmony, it’s actually quite remarkable how many tenets these two worlds share.

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  1. So enjoyed reading this and thanks for pointing out these posts. I always appreciate posts which show a vulnerability rather than a gung ho cocksuredness. Perhaps because I am often unsure myself.

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