I don’t really have a definitive sex/kink bucketlist, but I definitely have a few Halloween-ish kinks, most of which have never been shared or revealed until now.

The funny thing is I deeply resent Halloween being used as an excuse to dress provocatively. Costumes should be scary, maybe sexy and alluring in a dark, mysterious way, but costumes like “Sexy Pizza”, “Sexy Box of Crayons” or “Sexy Cob of Corn” just make me roll my eyes. (Yes, these are all real costumes available for purchase. What a time to be alive.) Yet, getting kinky or capitalizing on the mysterious energy of the season to think, speak, write and do deliciously dark things doesn’t turn me off … quite the opposite. So here, in no particular order, is some Halloween hotness from my depraved mind to yours. Enjoy!

  • Fucking in a cemetery: part of me thinks this is unforgivably disrespectful, another part of me shrugs and thinks “What do they care? They’re dead.”
  • Completely anonymous sex: as a kid I was terrified of masks because of what they potentially hid. As an adult there’s a sexual thrill lurking in the unknown of a masked stranger.
  • An Eyes Wide Shut style fetish/sex cult party: If you don’t know the scenes I’m referring to, go look them up. Unffff.
  • Attend an over the top Halloween party: I’m talking, Gatsby-level, pure excess and drama with complete, unbridled fantasy. If it also devolves into an orgy, so be it …
  • Bacchanalia: bonfires, wine, drums, lust and zero inhibitions; dancing until dawn
  • Spending a sexy night in a haunted location: fear and arousal are so closely linked in terms of hormones, endorphins, etc. that getting turned on and being afraid are sometimes hard to decipher from one another. Why not maximize things by mixing both?

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13 thoughts on “My Halloween Kink Wish List”

  1. I know what you mean I love so many different costumes – why save them for Halloween? As far as the “cemetery” fuck is concerned – well I fucked in a church – no problem! 😉 x

  2. The idea of anonymous sex kind of gets me hot, but I think I’d only be able to suspend disbelief instead of truly doing it (you know, “knowing” who it is but being a little uncertain). I can barely walk into a cemetery without apologizing to dead people for standing on top of them. Not sure what might happen if I fucked on them, lol. But fetish parties and Bacchanalia? Yeah, I could probably go for those. 🙂

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