• Darling,  Short Fiction

    Bad Dream

    I gently reach over your hip to hold your twitching cock in my hand, soothing sounds dripping from my lips into your ear, easing you out of the dream that has you lurching…

  • Masturbation Monday,  Short Fiction

    Give and Take

    It is a wet, drizzly morning, so grey that the sunrise is essentially a non event. Still, things lighten and daylight creeps into the bedroom. Waking, she sits up and stretches, shivering slightly…

  • Darling,  Short Fiction


    I roll over in the hazy morning light, heavy drapes holding back the grim drizzle of the rain outside. Your form beside me is slack with sleep, six feet of gentle submission, chin…

  • Darling,  Short Fiction

    First Meeting

    She adjusted the lacy top of her stockings making neat lines of the garters, fidgeting with the elastic, bending to straighten the seam at her toes. He had called from the cab, he…

  • Short Fiction

    Rabbit Fur Coat

    Right on time, I passed under the glow of the marquee, a haughty nod at the bored guy slouching in the box office, heels click-clacking briskly across the pavement, sidestepping wind swept leaves…

  • Short Fiction

    Far from the light of day

    She slips into bed beside him carefully. As he turns over to wrap around her she tucks in under his chin and breathes in the smell of him. Pure comfort, complete security.

  • Kink of the Week,  Short Fiction


    “I’m a man of science, Gale. My mind thrives on empirical truths and patterns.” His thumbs dug into my thighs as he stood between my knees, the polished wood of his desk warming…

  • Short Fiction,  The Boy

    Such sweet sorrow

    The ever-creative Exhibit A has set a fun task to the erotica community: a writing contest based on lyric prompts from a concert he recently attended. Of the 12 available prompts, I’m working…

  • femmedom,  kissing,  Short Fiction


    She’s laying with her head on my chest, cheek turned against my sternum, fingertips dragging slowly up and down my ribs, over and over. It’s nearly 3am and we’ve been going at it…