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Recommended Reading #4

How was your week, my darlings? Was it a blur like mine?

Here’s what I’ve been reading, salivating over and fantasizing to! Great work out there, keep it up!

Not Yet – Bangs and Whimpers

“Everything feels different; is different. I am trying to play it cool. I have deleted his number over 20 times but he still calls and I give up trying to play it cool.”  Haven’t we all been there? This tiny post is full of unnfff and longing.

This is How a Sub Feels Tonight – Kinky and Perky

Sometimes you read something and you can really feel the writer’s energy in their words. In this case, it’s a full spectrum of emotions from anxiety and doubt to pride and security. Poignantly autobiographical, this post is relateable and real.

Orgasm Extinction – Denying Thumper

Thumper is (to my mind) the Undisputed King of male chastity writing and never ceases to deliver smart, personal and self aware posts about his submission and how his cock hardly sees the light of day. This one is especially interesting as he intimates about “Craving the thing, not having the thing. ” Really fascinating and genuine writing on a fascinating topic.

February Photofest – Molly’s Daily Kiss

I really wanted to get in on this meme but with all the stuff going on with life, including moving house at the end of the month, I didn’t think I could commit. That said, I’d have been in fine company because the contributors are already rocking it and it’s only day 3!

How to Be a Good Couple to Threesome With – Coffee & Kink

Sage, practical advice so you don’t have to just wing it and risk jeopardizing relationships and connections. A must-read if you’re in the market for a bit of menage a trois action, and frankly, it’s helpful if you’re the couple or the lucky third.

Close Shave – ClearEyedGirl

Eye’s latest #sinfulsunday post and it is a stunner. “I am so smooth a silk scarf could not do anything more but fall gracefully to the floor if it was allowed to languidly drop on on my outstretched leg.” How fucking hot is that? Sweet Jesus, take me now.


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