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    Elust 113

    Welcome to Elust 113  The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky…

  • Short Fiction,  Smut Marathon 2018

    Pillow Slip

    Bill had left for the war in the autumn but Betty’s nightmares had started while he was still at home. Before he’d left, when the dreams first began, he would wake her and…

  • Short Fiction,  Smut Marathon 2018

    The Stranger

    The wind howled around the corners of the cabin and the storm raged on. They arrived after nightfall, greeted by torrential rain falling through the heavy cedar forest. The cabin was rustic and…

  • Short Fiction,  Smut Marathon 2018

    No Regrets

    “I’m sorry, Sir, it may be an hour at least before the elevator is moving again. If you could please be patient, we …” “I’m out of patience. Surely there’s something you can…

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    Chance of Flurries

    The sky is filled with snow, not yet fallen, lavender clouds, mission unfulfilled, laden with infinite perfection in countless, tiny stars of ice. I am that snow: soft and silent, falling without memory…

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    Boob Day: Vintage Christmas

    Getting in the mood for the nostalgia and magic of the holidays; all that’s missing is a big red bow. Wouldn’t you like to unwrap me on Christmas morning under the tree? 

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    Queen Bee Review

    The Queen Bee is the second toy that Hot Octopuss has sent me and I continue to be impressed with them as a sex toy brand. Their products are sleek, understated (no “dildo…

  • Boob Day,  Photos

    Boob Day: Delicate

    The tiny crinkles in the skin of my aereola fascinate me. The slightest breeze or pinch, a soft suckle or a teasing slap, will inevitably make my nipples tighten, turning the soft rosy…

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